The Team

Insider Mike

Mike is a gun in the digital space, heading up digital marketing at Australia’s largest travel agent, followed by Australia’s largest MBA provider. He’s no stiff in a suit though. Mike loves rolling his sleeves up and has exited 3 startups. He co-founded Insider Chaining with Insider Tim off the back of their shared love of crypto and tech. He’s no Johnny come lately though, he bought his first Bitcoin back in 2013.

Insider Tim

Our creative genius and pun master, Tim is the translator that takes crypto, decrypts it and serves it up for you like Mark Philippoussis. With a background in writing, stand-up comedy and freestyle rapping, Tim ensures you don’t get bamboozled by the tech speak (making money doesn’t need to be boring. Editor in Chief, he leads our team of journalists to ensure you get the inside scoop.